Masaki Kishibe is the best guitarist to create a beautiful melody.
Thanks to him playing the tour together, I realized a lot about the importance of melody.

– Andy McKee –


Masaaki Kishibe was born in Osaka and began studying piano at a young age, eventually picking up the guitar by the time he was 14. Kishibe learned both instruments at a fast pace and eventually decided he wanted to take learning music more seriously, and throughout the next decade he formally studied in music schooling, under famed Japanese guitarist, and composer, Isato Nakagawa. Masaaki would go onto learning a variety of different techniques, as well as music theory, and eventually began composing his own music using the fingerstyle technique.

In 1990, Masaaki Kishibe became a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and moved to the United States to pursue his studies; however, having no ultimate objective in where to direct his study attention, he failed to graduate, and returned to Japan, though still humbled by his experiences in the US. He continued to self teach himself fingerstyle guitar playing, and began writing his own compositions.

In 1995, Kishibe wrote and recorded his first record, “Truth,” to which he attempted to display his own personality through guitar composition and playing. While the works included many pieces that are memorable, and are cherished fan favorites, it was considered an album that had maturing to fulfill in his writing style.

Over the next four years, Kishibe would continue to improve his playing ability, as well as his writing ability, and the results came to 1999’s “Growing Up”.

Kishibe has continued to tour around the world, and continue to write and release music, composing 9 albums, and eventually began creating fingerstyle arrangements of popular pieces of music including, “Salut d’Amore” from the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, and “When You Wish Upon A Star” from the Disney children’s film, Pinnochio. He has also released separate live performance and instruction DVDs. His most recent release is his 2016 album “Passion”.

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