Happy Chinese New year everyone!

Here we are at Manila, and this is the fresh live report for concert ” Sungha Jung Live in Manila 2016 ”

13th Feb, 2016, Naga Guitars Concert Series!

This is the first time we hold Sungha’s concert in Manila, Let’s see some pictures!


To our surprise, before we came to the venue, we saw a young man is even earlier then us.

he has been waiting here quietly be himself, we hope this afternoon won’t be too bored because he can hoping for the exciting evening and enjoy his guitar this afternoon.


The venue for the concert is “Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila”, looks really fancy, isn’t it?


These a are the new album from Sungha “Two of Me”, fans are already can’t to take it back home.

Let’s see what is Sungha doing right now.

What?  Arrested by police? what happened?




Nope…They are really good body guard, to ensure Sungha safely arrive to the backstage!



Once Sungha came the the room, he is getting ready for sign the CD for our VIPs. Those who brought VIP tickets can get these special CDs signed by Sungha Jung


OK, Now is time to have sound check! Working with the staff together, not a long time, Sungha can get his favorite sound and effect and ready to play!


Let’s see what happened outside, Fans are getting very early, they gets in line and be ready for the photo session!

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To be continued…