Sungha Jung managed to pull off a great show in KL and his 1st show in Miri. It seems the crowds wants more are more which don’t  want the show to end.

The 1st stop was in PJ Live Arts in KL. Fans ranging from young kids to adult came early with their guitar hoping they would get a signature from the guitar prodigy himself. Not long after the theatre door opened at 2pm, the crowd stormed in to get into their seat and sat comfortably and wait for the show to start.

Sungha Jung with his guitar and his black coat and black pants along with his sport shoes and his signature hairstyle walked into the stage smiling to the Malaysian fans. The crowd cheered as he prepared his guitar for the show.

Sungha Jung played a few of his latest songs from his latest album “Two Of Me” and some of his famous tunes which includes “The Milky Way” and “Flaming”. He ended his show by surprising the crowd of him singing a John Mayer tune called ” Why Georgia”.

At the end of the show, 6 fans were chosen in the lucky draw and they were invited to have dinner with Sungha Jung after the show.

His second show was in Miri on the next day. It was held in Meritz Ballroom in Miri. Fans from all over Borneo and Brunei were there to catch the show. Many of them came a day earlier before the concert.

Fans were there since 12pm before the show starts at 3pm and many were waiting to purchase his cds especially for his latest album.

Sungha Jung and the crowd was excited as this is his first time performing in Miri. Fans cheered as the enter the stage with his guitar. He played his similar guitar set list from KL but the crowd enjoyed.Fans from Miri is slightly shy compared to KL however, they did not hesitate to clap or sang along with some of Sungha Jung cover tunes.

At the end of the show, 6 fans were also chosen in the lucky draw to dine with Sungha Jung.  Fans from  as far as Kuching, Brunei, Sibu and Bintulu are among the chosen winners.