Have you ever wonder what is IFSGF? and why It plays an important part in the Finger-Style guitar music scene?

IFSGF initially founded in 2010 with the support from Naga Guitars and the festival started in Beijing, China. Since then, the festival have spread all across Asia which covers Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

IFSGF aims to develop more fan base and to provide a platform for more artists to showcase their arts. IFSGF also hope that many of performers will be able to exchange ideas and improve themselves from the festival.

It also aims to radiate to the world by promoting and developing excellent Finger-Style Guitar performers towards the global stage.

Some of the well known artist whom have been participating in the IFGSF are Tommy Emmanuel, Kotaro Oshio, Masaaki Kishibe, Justin King, Petteri sariola, Trace Bundy and Etc..

Here are some archive photos from IFSGF previous shows.
china 2The line of up all star artist before the show in China 2011.
china 3So many talents that fitted into this line up. It is considered one of the best artist lineup.
taiwanKotaro Oshio jams with Trace Bundy and Petteri Sarioal in IFSGF Taiwan 2014
japan 1Kanaho, Trace Bundy, Justin King, Jacques Stotzem, Huang Chia Wei and Claus Boesser Ferrari in IFSGF Japan 2015.
justin king Justin King performing in IFSGF Japan 2015
all star Agustin Amigo, Trace Bundy, Jacquez Stotzem and Justin King in IFSGF Korea 2015
malaysiaAgustin Amigo, Jacques Stotzem and Masa Sumide in IFSGF Malaysia 2015