Notice / Perhatian :
1. Select which type of ticket you want to buy and then click Add to cart ( Pilih type tiket yang akan dibeli dan click Add to cart  )
2. Click View Cart on the right side of your screen ( Click View Cart di kanan layar komputer kamu )


3. Confirm your order and then click Proceed to Checkout ( Konfirmasi order kamu dan click Proceed to Checkout )
4. Be sure to fill in the details , Name, Address , Town/City , State/County , Postcode/Zip , Email , Phone. and make sure to check box ” Creat an Account” and select your password, so that you can check your order state later ( Pastikan diisi lengkap , Nama , Alamat , Town/City , Poskode/Zip , Email , Phone dan pastikan di check ” Creat an Account ” dan pilih password kamu , sehingga kamu dapat memeriksa status pesanan kamu ) ( check photo ) 


5. Then click ” Place Order ” , and transfer the money , Please pay in 3 days after your booking , your booking will be canceled if you doesn’t pay for your booking. The organizers will arrange the seats ( Click ” Place Order ” dan di transfer pembayaran melalui Bank , Pembayaran dilakukan 3 hari setelah pemesanan , Jika pembayaran tidak dilakukan , maka pemesanan tiket akan dibatalkan , Penomoran tempat duduk akan dilakukan oleh pihak penyelenggara setelah pembayaran )
Bank Info :
Bank Central Asia ( BCA )
Acc Nama : Tjiong Sun
Acc No : 3831388887
6. After you transfer money, please scan or take a photo for your bank transaction paper, Please contact, send this paper via email and also include your order number and your name to  confirm your order or for more information ( Setelah pembayaran dilakukan , tolong di scan atau photo Bank Transaction Kamu , dan email ke daniel@windstrings,net bersama nama dan nomor order kamu untuk melengkapi proses order )
7. You can check you order state in My Account at the right side of menu ( Kamu bisa check status reservasi kamu di ” My Account ” di Menu sebelah kanan )
8.After we confirm your order , your order state will become Complete , and you will also receive an email from us , this email include a PDF Invitation , or you can check you order state in My Account at the right side of menu , you will also find your PDF Invitation  ( Sesudah kami konfirmasi pesanan kamu , proses order complete , kamu akan menerima email kami dengan bukti dalam PDF , atau kamu boleh check ” My Account ” , juga ada bukti PDF )
9. Please print this PDF Invitation and also bring your transaction paper to concert hall for double check if something happened ( Tolong di print bukti PDF dan dibawa juga Bank Transaction pada hari konser )