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What do we have in mind when it comes to Finger Style guitar concert? We instantly thought of Tommy Emmanuel, Sungha Jung, Kotaro Oshio, Andy Mckee. But what we see now and experienced was all dominated by male artist and performers and we only seen a handful of female guitarist emerging.

There are many famous female guitarist that has entered the international stage such as Gabriela Quintero from “Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero” and Xuefei Yang from the classical guitar scene. However it is still young and fresh in the finger style guitar world.

Presented by Wind Strings Entertainment and Sponsored by Naga Guitars, “All Female Guitar Night” was set to tour from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

The “All Female Guitar Night” gathered a line up of some of  the well known female trio and quartet finger style guitarist. It is a international event which they have players from Japan, Korea, Sweden and Taiwan.


Gabriella Quevedo – Sweden


An accomplished guitarist who is still in her teens from Sweden. She fell in love with the guitar when she enjoys hearing and watching her dad playing the guitar.

Started learning the guitar at 12, she discovered more  about finger style guitar music after she discovered Sungha Jung videos on Youtube.

She had more than 9 million views in her Youtube video of “Hotel California” by the Eagles (arranged by Tommi Paldanius) creating a huge sensation in social media.

She arranges her own cover songs from well known artists such as Aerosmith’s “Dream On”, ABBA’s ” Dancing Queen” and many more.

In her career, she was chosen to be a special guest in Tommy Emmanuel in Sweden and has played with Adam Rafferty and her Idol, Sungha Jung. She was also a Winner of Young Talent in Uppsala International Guitar Festival, Sweden.

One of her most memorable experience was to play together with her Idol Sungha Jung which moved her musical life into a big step forward. She tours around Sweden with her finger style performance and She joined “All Female Guitar Night” as one of the Star of the Event.

Youtube channel: Gabriella Quevedo

Website: http://gabriellaquevedo.com/


Sandra Bae – South Korea


A rising star  in Korea, she is finger style guitarist and music composer. Born in South Korea, she was living in Pennsylvania before returning to her native country in 2013. Since debuting in 2010, she has has released two albums in her career which includes an EP and collaborative Album.

Her 1st video was Adam Rafferty’s arrangement of Billie Jean back in 2010 which she recorded while she was still living in Pennsylvania. Since then she has released more than 70 videos on Youtube,generating incredible amount of fans and subscribers.

She has performed with some of the well known guitarist such as Tommy Emmanuel, Sungha Jung,  Trace Bundy and many more, making herself of an accomplished guitarist.

Youtube Channel: Sandra Bae / namuare

Kanaho – Japan


Kanaho, a cute little girl from Tokyo. Born in Hokkaido and only 151cm tall, but don’t be fooled with her appearance as she is an upcoming star in Japan and has already been playing with some of the international star in and outside Japan.

She was inspired to learn the guitar after watching a Japanese drama ” Midnight Sun”.  She continued to learn more after discovered the finger style performance by Masaaki Kishibe and Kotaro Oshio.

By the age of 15, she already started to arrange her own songs and was chosen and performed  in the Sound Messe 2012 seaside stage audition.

One of her famous video was “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Water Is Wide” which showed her soft side and incredibly smooth transition in her own arrangement of the song.

she has played with countless artist which we only could dream of. she had performed the opening act for Maasaki Kishibe, Kotaro Oshio,  Trace Bundy,  Justin King, Huang Chia wei in International Finger Style Guitar Festival in Japan and outside Japan.

Chi Chuan Hsu – Taiwan (Special Guest)


She was born in Taipei, She loves the joy of playing the guitar and enjoy expressing herself through the guitar by playing for others.

She began performing while she studied in the local university. She started off by forming a folk band with her friends and composed their own song and they soon began performing around Taiwan in all of the major events and cafes. They even released their 1st EP in 2013. At the same time, she was lucky to witness the performance of Andy Mckee. She was deeply inspired by the song ” Drifting” with the rich musical and rhythm style of the finger style guitar music. She was determined to learn more about finger style music and finally she come out with her own music arrangement which gave an impact in the finger style music in Taiwan.



The Trio started their tour Japan from Tokyo and Kyoto and advanced to Korea in Busan and Seoul. They are joined by Chi Chuan Hsu in Taiwan before continuing their tour in China which they will tour in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongging, Changsha, Shanghai and they will end their tour Beijing.

12794450_1266899939993182_2202545991964090296_n Kotaro Oshio, Okapi and Yuki Matsui giving their support for their Japan concert tour.

12670939_10207090457331838_8799819275922030417_nSound check before the concert in Tokyo 2.3.2016

12829381_932048436903283_3657229065916164285_oThe Trio concert in Kyoto 4.3.2016

12495929_932563810185079_9109060758184335051_oAll Female Guitar Night in Busan 5.3.2016

seoulAll Female Guitar Night in Seoul 6.3.2016


The trio managed to drop by Taipei 101.

12829277_934072400034220_6235627579350539773_oGabriella and Kanaho performing a duet in Hualien, Taiwan 8.3.2016

12794675_934591633315630_7350323955035297068_oSandra, Gabriella and Kanaho performing in Chi – Nan University, Nantou, Taiwan 10.3.2016

12828324_934591453315648_3193926658848809012_oSpecial guest Chi Chuan Hsu from Taipei.

920819_935738993200894_8609940785191109498_oThe Trio’s last performance in Taipei before leaving to China for their next tour.

They are currently touring in China and they will be expected to end their tour in Beijing on 20.3.2016.

Stay tuned for more updates on their concert.

Special thanks to Wind Strings Entertainment in Taiwan,Korea and Japan.  Special thanks to the sponsor from Naga Guitars.