Naga Guitars Concert Series

13th Feb. 2016,Here we are at Manila, and this is the fresh live report for concert ” Sungha Jung Live in Manila 2016 ” Part 2

The Part 1 is details before the concert, please check and see! ( )

Alright, let’s keep updating the latest news!

Before the concert, We have a VIP photo session, Those people who brought VIP tickets will have the chance to have one on one pictures with Sungha!

So everyone is getting in line and hoping this moments to come.

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And finally, they all get the chance to have photos with Sungha, I’m sure this picture will be a good memory for them forever.

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Audience are coming to the venue, the concert is about to begin.

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The lighting and sound in this hall is amazing, Sungha is playing a lots of pieces in the concert;

Songs include classic songs and the songs from his new album.

Even though there is only one guitar one stage, but this is the magic of acoustic guitar, the sound feels so rich and beautiful, all the audience enjoyed this concert very much.

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Here is a interesting part, after the concert, there is a lucky draw session, there will one one lucky audience can get one Naga travel guitar.


And here is the lucky girl, in front of all the audience, she also can be on the stage with sungha, and get her lucky Naga guitar.


After the concert, There will also be  signing part, audience’s instrument can get signed by Sungha, audience are so exciting about that.

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