iRocktography: See what music looks like...

Sungha Jung performed in Resorts World Manila on 13th February 2016 following his successful show in 2014. With Philippines having one of the largest fan base of Sungha Jung, countless of request and inquiries about his next concert in Manila has been on going after his concert in 2014. He also performed his concert in conjunction with Valentine’s day in Manila by celebrating with his fans in his concert.




Sungha Jung fans from all over Philippines came and have been waiting since  in the afternoon. Some of them even practiced their guitar or singing together while waiting to catch their favourite show. Fans came and also waited and hoping they could get into the guitar autograph session by the guitar prodigy himself.


It was ground breaking for a guitar solo artist to perform in one of the most sophisticated hall that Manila has to offer.

iRocktography: See what music looks like...

Alyza, a local fingerstyle guitar player, performed a few opening songs before introducing Sungha jung to the stage.

iRocktography: See what music looks like...

Sungha Jung walked on to the stage with his white shirt and his black pants while fans claps and cheered. Sungha Jung carefully re tuned his guitar and performed “Felicity” as the 1st song in his set. Performing “Felicity” was just as good as we can get in one of the best hall in Manila has to offer. As he starts playing the intro, we could hear the reverb of the guitar still ringing before continuing adding the percussive techniques and brushing the chords of the song with the melody.

iRocktography: See what music looks like...

Apart from performing some of his original tunes,  Sungha Jung also entertained his fans by performing cover songs such as “Photograph” from Ed Sheeran.  Fans cheered as he announce the title of the song while he slowly tuned his guitar. He played the exact guitar intro from the song and with the melody all together along with a minor improvisation in the middle section of the song.


He kept the best in the final section of his 1st set by covering a song by Eraserhead’s Ang Huling El Bimbo. As he strum the chords in intro section of the song, fans went wild and were shocked to see Sungha Jung playing covering a Pilipino song.

558c0d99334857defee1f361a2cf4c9b In his 2nd set of the concert, he performed Adele’s “Hello” for his fans before surprising them with Justin Beiber’s “Love yourself” which he did not release a video or a record of the song in any of his youtube channel.

iRocktography: See what music looks like...

Alyza, a local performer was invited to play a duet with Sungha Jung on stage. They performed “Stars” from his latest album “Two of Me”.


After the duet session, Sungha Jung played one of his famous tune “The Milky Way”  and “Harmonize” from “Two Of Me” album. He then played a cover of BTS’s Butterfly and end his show with a fingerstyle version of Kotaro Oshio ” Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto.



1 lucky winner was lucky to bring back a guitar sponsored by Naga in the lucky draw session at the end of the concert. Sungha Jung picked the winner by selecting a random ticket from the drawing box.

Sungha Jung will definitely back coming back for more concerts in the Philippines in future.

Special thanks to Wind Strings Entertainment and main sponsor of the event from Naga Guitars.